There are so many things that older people want you twentysomethings to know – but also to enjoy – while you’re young. You probably still have your health, and maybe even your freedom, so there’s no time like the present to really take a deep breath and explore.

And hey, even if you’re in your thirties (or far beyond), none of this is bad advice!

13. Revel in failure.

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People who are successful have failed far more times than someone afraid to try – it’s the only way to truly achieve success.

12. Travel.

While your responsibilities at home are minimal, wander the world. There’s so much to see, do, and learn.

11. Don’t try to walk someone else’s path.

Your journey is yours, and comparing yourself to others is a worthless waste of time.

10. Read all the books.

One day, you’ll be too tired to do anything but stare at the television until you pass out.

9. Don’t make excuses.

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No one wants to hear them, and no one is buying them, so save your breath.

8. Just learn how to apologize – and mean it.

If you screwed up, own it. Apologize, and move on.

7. Turn off your screens.

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The television, the computer, your phone – there’s a whole lot to see, smell, taste, and experience in the real world.

6. Don’t invest in a job you hate.

You probably don’t have a mortgage and the pressure of saving for your kids’ future, so move on and find something you love. A lifetime is a long time to slog through a day job that you hate.

5. Patience really is a virtue.

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In our culture, we’re not used to waiting – but you’ll save yourself a lot of gray hairs if you learn how.

4. Be brave enough to trust people.

Yes, some of them will let you down. Yes, a true, emotional connection is still worth it.

3. Live in the now.

Let go of the past and don’t give yourself an ulcer borrowing trouble. Take your 24 hours and accomplish something amazing.

2. Know that your time is valuable – and so is others’.

Don’t waste your time on people or things or work you don’t believe in – and who don’t believe in you. Do things that make you happy and screw all of the rest, but understand that others are also allowed to do the same.

1. Ask for help.

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We all need a hand. Other people have valuable things to add. It’s not a weakness, it’s a strength.

Some of these things are still on my bucket list, and I’m determined to check them off.

What advice would you give your 20-something self? Let us know in the comments!