There are some memes that flare and fade, with a brief moment in the spotlight before disappearing from even our memories.

Then there are “I’m this old,” or “I’m this many years old,” which I predict is going to be around for awhile. Maybe forever.

These are 13 that are sure to bring those memories flooding back.

13. I have never seen this before now.

And I’m really, really sad about it.

12. I had forgotten this, but I definitely owned it.

This story could not be contained on one VHS.

11. Wow, how are you still alive?

Seriously, this is like…WWII stuff.

10. Those labels are all properly stained up.

Those tapes were well-loved, y’all.

9. My cousins ate some of these once.

Smoke came right out of her nose!

8. There was nothing better than a Lite Brite.

Those lights got really hot, but I’m sure it was fine.

7. I am older than this. Womp-womp.

And also insanely jealous.

6. You weren’t cool unless you had an assortment.

And if you bought the off-brand, they cut you!

5. Teachers were not playing around!

And yes, we were scared of them despite the colored folders.

4. The absolute best part of recess.

Unless it was dodgeball day.

3. If there was a museum for my childhood.

And there should be, because it was a long time ago.

2. I have a feeling that “juice” should have been in quotes.

Which is probably why they were so delicious.

1. What even was the point of these?

Except to keep us busy for hours so our parents could have some time to ourselves, of course.

I am definitely some years old – some older than these pictures, some younger – and I actually loved the trip back through time.

How old are you, in one image? Share one in the comments!