My grandparents grew up in the shadow of the Great Depression, and I’ve always thought that helped explained some of their more frugal tendencies.

There was never anything crazy about it, just little things that to me seemed off. Keeping food stockpiled in the basement. Holding onto certain things far past their point of usefulness. Stuff like that.

Still, it pales in comparison to some of these confessions from folks with parents who might need to learn to just spend a little.

13. Chilled to the bone

I run hot and even for me this would be too much.

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12. Sell by / use by

Nah man, they’re pretty specific about that with the labeling.

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11. When you wish upon Wish

If you’re gonna go the cheap clothes route, why not just thrift stores?
At least there you can make sure it fits first, and it doesn’t take nine weeks to get to you.

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10. Back in the bottle

This seems…difficult. Like really, really messy and difficult.

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9. Buck for buck

Depending on where you are in America, with tax this could get you a soda and a small fry at McDonald’s.
You might be able to swap out the fries for a small sandwich. Maybe.

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8. Ill fitting prom dress

To be fair, the pressure to spend a bunch of money on new clothes for every occasion is kinda ridiculous.

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7. Plastic theft

You can buy reusable lunch containers for like ten bucks.

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6. Almost embarrassing

Sounds like in his head it’s still 1970.

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5. Had it to the limit

In the year 2020, we all kinda had this limit.

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4. A stolen winter hat

Feel the chill.

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3. Full of hot air

Plus the humidity of Florida? I would straight up run away.

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2. Expired food

Ok, that’s pretty awful.

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1. May or mayo

Eh, certainly not the worst offender on this list.

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I’ve had my cheap moments, but nothing like those…

Have you had experiences like this?

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