Alright parents, your day has come. It’s that time to share ALL of the funny tweets you can with us so we can laugh at your pain.

Seriously, these 13 tweets are actually kind of tame when compared to REAL parenting woes.

Still, they’re pretty damn funny, so enjoy!

1. How dare we NOT destroy his vision!

2. *sniff* he always says the nicest things…

3. Delete. Them. All.

4. Because Todd! Just BECAUSE!!!

5. It never works out…

6. Keep track of that sh^t, fam!

7. This math adds up!

8. Come on now… amateur!

9. No Daniel! That’s NOT the last number!

10. That last one though… ugh!

11. Damn.

12. Yeah… they like same same

13. Not only possible… probable!

Did you learn anything? Want to have kids of your own? Never want to look at a child again?

Let us know in the comments! Because that’s what we do around these parts! 😉