You know what I’m feelin’ today? I’m feelin’ the need for some tweets. Tweets that, in turn, make me feel some sort of way. Because even though they’re short and punchy and usually pretty ridiculous, these tiny collections of text still have the power to give us all sorts of feelings.

Take for instance these 13 fine examples, and the feels they stir up.

13. Fear of clowns!

I was already legitimately afraid of these guys, so.

12. Oh so painful…

When are they going to build in those massage things like the chairs at the mall?

11. So envious!

Why does this cat look like it’s about to lecture me on diabeetus?

10. Very concerning

Surely they must know that something is Amish. (Get it? Like “amiss.” I’ll see myself out.)

9. So damn hungry

Quit whining and turn this garbage into fuel.

8. Boredom

Gotta have a big screen on while I do my small screen time.

7. Regret

At what point should we report her for negligence?

6. Determination

I can go the very arbitrary distance.

5. Peace

Focus? In this economy?

4. Anxiety

The struggle is misleading.

3. Impatience

I’m way too hangry for your life story, Deborah.

2. Nostalgia or just a dream?

Like ghosts of the past, calling out to us.

1. Admiration

Who’s laughing now? The hot tub bros, that’s who.

So many feelings in such a short time. Reading tweets is a real emotional roller coaster, and frankly I’m not sure that I’m tall enough to keep riding it. Might give it a rest for now, come back later.

In the meantime, where do you go to get the best tweets?

Tell us in the comments.