Remember 2017? Yeah you do.

Well, I actually don’t know what year we’re reading this, but I’m writing it in 2019 so that’s TWO WHOLE YEARS. That’s literally a lifetime for a 2-year-old child, so that’s a long time for them

Hell, maybe we’re still around in 2027 and you’re reading this then. That would be TEN WHOLE YEARS!

Okay, all I’m saying is that tweets age like fine wine and these are still funny as hell.

But all of this time traveling is making my head spin, so let’s read them tweets!

1. Grinch… I feel you.

2. OMFG!

3. Well, some things never change…

4. Struggles never end

5. But is it clean energy?

6. Too much twinning!

7. Respectable trolling achieved!

8. Oh damn…

9. Yes, unfortunately

10. OMFG again!!!

11. Well, I’m doing that from now on!

12. Stay trashy Twitter!

13. Doesn’t this happen A LOT with dogs?

Alright kids, that was a fine stroll down memory lane. 2017 was a funny year, and we shouldn’t sleep on those old tweets.

Which ones did you like the best? Let us know in the comments!