You know, you’ve had a tough week, and it’s time to relax.

And let’s be perfectly frank… I don’t know what day you’re even reading this. But the sentiment is applicable EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE DAMN WEEK… because isn’t a year just one long week interrupted by brief pauses where life gets a little less hard and we wake up with hangovers?

I’m just saying we all need a break to laugh and read tweets. So here are 13 reasons why your day just got better…

1. OMG… same same same!!!

2. Doors off… what else coming off soon… eh?

3. I just needed a minute!

4. Vibes for years…

5. So THAT is how it happens…

6. Oh babbbbbbeeeeee!

7. GTFO of my ocean, BRAHHHHSSS!

8. Little spoon is a comfy place to be…

9. Yep. Pretty much…

10. Winner and NEW champion!!!

11. Good f*cking point!

12. OMFG!

13. White Claw 4eva

Okay kiddos, that was fun, yeah? Don’t say no… I can’t handle it today.

Please say “YES!” in the comments. It will make us all feel better.

Thank you.