There are tweets, and then there are adorable, wholesome, 100% pure tweets. This list is full of that last kind.

No cynicism here. Just all love.


1.Great idea

And she loves it!

2. She dark, but she bae

3. The cutest!

4. Now, all they need to do is play poker…

5. Hey bebes! How you like me now?

6. This is a very important question!

7. Whoa!!!

8. Let’s be FRIENDS!

9. Now THAT is dedication!

10. The bigger the spoon, the more love you can ladle…

11. No joke… he’s ADORBS

12. Oh damn!

13. I’m full on dying of cuteness…

Okay, did we tell you or did we tell you? It’s almost impossible to feel bad after reading all of those, right?

Time to share these with your friends. Brighten their day, fam!

We believe in you!