You know when men start to wear certain clothes and tell horrible jokes? Yeah you do… because that’s when they officially get their dad card.

And when they get the dad card… they start to do certain things that defy explanation but make PERFECT sense to them.

Which is why the tweets below illustrate easily how true the jokes really are – even if men don’t even realize how and when and why it starts to happen.

1. DAD! Turn on the HEAT!

2. That’s what they need, I guess.

3. No music when it’s time to get down to business.

4. I have no idea but they totally do.

5. What even is real money?

6. They know a shortcut.

7. Because meat.

8. Because they paid for it, most likely.

9. To aid in digestion.

10. I mean that’s your opinion.

11. Is it an Irish setter?

12. Hey, that’s their pen!

13. Because FREE MINTS!

Dads don’t have to justify themselves to you! They’re dads! They’ve got this!

Alright dads… we want to hear from you! Let us know why you do what you do in the comments!