Whatever we did to get dogs to like us, it was worth it! Because they are THE sweetest creatures on the planet.

Yeah cat people… I know you get your snuggles too, but there’s no way you’re seeing kittehs do half of this stuff. Sorry, not sorry. did we do to deserve dogs? They give us unconditional love and a lifetime of happiness.

I, for one, will be a dog lover until the day I die. These posts show how incredible our canine companions really are.

1. The bestest Boi!

They’re so great
by inwholesomememes

2. I’m literally dying from cuteness

That smile.
by inwholesomememes

3. I can givz halps 2?

Definitely a good boy
byu/RLC0128 inwholesomememes

4. “No no… I like it fine Karen. Relax.”

Dogs are the most wholesome things ever
byu/Warmantan inwholesomememes

5. No shame!

by inwholesomememes

6. I will wait for you!

Has your heart melted too?
byu/Ketameme69 inwholesomememes

7. So darn happy!

Dog in a barber’s
byu/Folamh3 inwholesomememes

8. The bestest of besties!

byu/albo_underhill inwholesomememes

9. I made that for you!

A very proud doggo
byu/Mypen1sinagoat inwholesomememes

10. Spoiled rotten!

Draw me like one of your good doggos
byu/canup inwholesomememes

11. We see you, luvahs!

As wholesome as it gets
by inwholesomememes

12. Pippa, the mail dog!

A very good girl
byu/Emiajbeau inwholesomememes

13. Hi Ralph!

Wholesome pupper just wants a friend
byu/andyq9433 inwholesomememes

I mean, more than anything, dogs just want to be friends. That’s really all there is to it. They’re here for the pets and the snuggs and, yes, the food. Let’s not forget the food.

What does your best doggie friend do that warms your heart? Let us know in the comments!