There’s enough bad sh^t going on in the world… now’s the time for some GOOD sh^t!

And yeah, this is good sh^t. Because while Twitter is full of A LOT of garbage, this post will make you believe in all that is right and good.

Come with me on a journey through 13 perfectly wholesome tweets!

1. I want ALL the petzzz

2. You’ll pop!

3. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

4. The smallest things…

5. What a kind gesture!

6. Best BFFs!!

7. Best big bro ever!

8. Kitty prayers!

9. My heart is bursting!

10. This is OTTERly adorable!

11. Best. Piñata. Ever.

12. OMG! This maid!

13. The best florist ever???

I told you, right? Those were fantastic! I feel whole again.

What did you think? Have any faves? Let us know in the comments!