I have it on good authority that sometimes men pretend not to know what’s going on in order to get out of extra work.

Other times when they’ve just never encountered a “womanly” thing and their reaction can be totally priceless.

The proof!

13. Always share.


11. Sooooo awkward.

10. It’s pretty AND it’s dinner.


9. Rockin it.

8. Dude.

7. He made you laugh on your period that’s something.

6. Not sure whether this should be a swipe right or left.

5. It might still make you barf.

4. This story ended up in a very different place from where it started.

3. Monster.

2. Doritos=Love.

1. Precious.


Men… can’t live with ’em, don’t want to clean your own gutters!

Amirite ladies?!