The airport is a place that brings out the worst in many people. There are lines, all of the other humans, lots of waiting, rules that make everything take twice as long, and cramped spaces you’re expected to try to enjoy for the sake of a “nice flight.”

These 14 people, though, they’ve had enough, and all ideas of politeness and grinning and bearing it have flown right out the window.

14. That’s DEFCON 3, my friends.

13. What’s wrong with the world, in micro.

12. I would have stabbed him, so the video is pretty low key.

11. I mean it’s a long flight what else are you gonna do?

10. My brain doesn’t even know how to compute this unprecedented turn of events.

9. Some people have no shame.

8. Hey, you’ve got 3 hours to kill, you’re watching that non-animated movie you’ve been dying to see, no matter the screen.

7. This is the beginning of a romantic comedy for sure.

6. If it does I’m sure it’s a registered service animal.

5. Hands down the best thing I’ve seen on the internet in weeks.

4. Shock and awe is the only response, at that point.

3. You might be misinterpreting their looks, just sayin.

2. Aw, bless his heart.

1. Friend goals.

Don’t judge them too hard – it could happen to anyone, even you!

So then… what crazy stuff has happened to you in the airport? Share your stories in the comments!

Because reasons!