There’s something so satisfying about the perfect comeback, and that goes double for situations where the person who spoke first really, really deserves it. It’s like the perfect, first sip of coffee on a cool morning, or the perfect sucker punch pulled on a Nazi.

*chef’s kiss*

These 14 comebacks are savage, well-timed, and basically tick all of the boxes. Enjoy.

14. What else is there to say, really?

They won’t listen to reason.

13. Where’s the lie, though?

Hint: You can’t find it.

12. Seriously don’t be that person.

Unless you don’t like having friends.

11. No one blames this kid.

I cannot believe that’s where her mind went. Wowwww.

10. Ouch!

I’m not sure that was technically deserved (but it’s funny!).

9. That is what’s known as a burn, my friends.

And it’s a hotttt one.

8. When the most brutal person you know is 4.

This girl is going places. Not sure where, but she definitely is.

7. Kind of walked right into that one.

You can hardly blame the commenter.

6. I’m sure this wasn’t the only choice response.

He deserves every last one of them.

5. I mean, he did ask for it.

And that first person DELIVERED.

4. The truth of it hurts.

Why are people like this?

3. He thought he was safe for a minute.

Never saw it coming.

2. This is a forever mood.

Jim Carrey is a king.

1. It’s probably wrong to laugh.

It’s just so spot-on, though.

I’m so thrilled for these people, because sometimes chances like these come along far too frequently.

At least, that used to be true.