Listen, dating can suck, but sometimes you get a post like this that can give you some key pointers about what to do and what not to do.

That second part is honestly more important. Because if you can avoid doing some dumb sh^t it can save you a lot of grief AND pay off in the long run. And when I say “pay off,” I mean sex.

Yes, not doing dumb sh^t will get you laid.

Pay attention to these 14 dating tweets because they could change your damn life!

1. Public is better than private. It’s a fact!

2. Always be on time.

3. Be open, but not TOO open…

4. Keep that topics relatable, fam!

5. No! Be fun! You can be fun!

6. Don’t curve people. You’ll end up alone, like this alc*holic cat.

7. Don’t stray. Or do. It’s really none of my business.

8. Who says it has to be expensive…?

9. Anybody who texts you “lol” needs to be blocked immediately.

10. Married right now, but in the future… who knows?

11. Good tip.

12. They’ll probably get divorced in a few years, so the joke’s on them!

13. Follow back, k?

14. Yeah, how did we ever survive?

You feeling emboldened yet?

Go out there and meet somebody! And then have meaningless s^x and never see them again.

This post isn’t about marriage. It’s about dating!