You ever see a choice or a decision fail so hard that it just kind of stops you dead in your tracks? You’re going about your day when suddenly you freeze in slack-jawed disbelief that some human being actually made a thing this silly? It’s a feeling that sticks with you for a while. And it’s the stuff that internet gold is made of.

Enjoy these 14 facepalm-fails that prove we’re not as smart as we’d like to think.

14. Wheely hard work

There’s gotta be a better way!

13. You’ve fallen for my trap

It’s possible to be knowledgeable and dumb.

12. “Bluetooth hose”

Water you even talking about?

11. Cameras…how do they work?

I really hate to tell ya, but nobody’s gonna be gentle here.

10. This kitchen is for display purposes

I’m a little disturbed by the term “worm the food.”

9. What are the odds?

No more driving for you.

8. Make way

Cool, now my bathroom has a peep-hole.

7. Don’t go nuts

Snacks: not even once.

6. What could it mean?

When your reading comprehension is at a 0.

5. Aquatic thief

I mean they ARE pretty highly intelligent.

4. Tow the line

You might not see it at first glance…

3. Let the sparks fly

OK but who’s just standing there taking a picture of this?

2. A shift in perspective

I know nothing about cars and even I knew this.

1. Stop and cash fire

Guess it was burning a whole in their pocket.

Faced with failures this large, let us pause and reflect on their enormity, and on how we may ensure that we do not do likewise. Let me never fail so badly that I become a meme. Amen.

What’s the biggest fail you’ve seen lately?

Share it with us in the comments.