If memes are what you’re after, we’ve got ’em. If you were looking for meaning or fulfillment in life, I dunno, that’s probably elsewhere. What we’ve got is memes. Would you settle for those?

If so, here are fourteen random funny ones to satisfy your cravings.

14. The next stage

I think the step after this is “Nevermind, your voice is actually very annoying.”

13. Reverse psychology

I don’t do what I don’t tell me not to.

12. What a croc

This is cursed and needs to be sealed away in a tomb somewhere.

11. Do as I say

Under no circumstances should you even consider doing what I do.

10. Get your claws in

And suddenly everybody’s phone camera is out.

9. News updates

You are DEFINITELY going to believe what just happened, Michelle.

8. Between a rock and a hard place

This stuff really gets my goat.

7. There’s a pattern

Pepe Silvia is involved somehow, I just know it.

6. Heckin’ gecko

I feel like I’m about to save SO much on car insurance.

5. Butter not

Another community lost to the destructive forces of rock and roll.

4. Different kinda crazy

The reason I can’t get up is irrelevant, the point is I can’t.

3. A world of difference

Checkmate, flat earthers.

2. Washed up

Looks like the shirt’s about to hit the fan.

1. Total mock up

This is, in fact, the very bird that invented tweeting.

There’s nothing like a nice collection of memes to make you forget about your woes. Now get back out there. You’ve got woes waiting.

What’s your favorite place to get distracted by memes?

Tell us in the comments.