From time to time, it’s nice to stop and smell the Tumblr genius – it’s always pumping, even when you’re away cheating with other social media sites (or, gasp, real life!).

If you feel as if you’ve been missing out lately, well, here are 14 little treasures we don’t want you to miss.

14. This 100% killed me dead.

13. You need to run to that altar.

12. Is this a real thing and why didn’t I know?

11. You’re not walking in my shoes, okay!?

10. A golden moment with a stranger.

9. Do directors from London really understand how big Texas is, though?

8. Proof that cats are the same all over the world.

7. Mostly number 4 here.

6. Such a sweet father-son moment.

5. It might be the same thing honestly.

4. This imaginary exchange is so sweet.

3. Foiled again!

2. Just play your part as best as you can.

1. His face needs to be a meme immediately.

Sure, I could have gone my whole life without reading these mini-discourses, but why would I want to?

Which one of these made you feel like it’s time to return to Tumblr more often?

Tell us in the comments!