There’s something I’ve been memeing to tell you. It’s about these memes. See, these meme a lot to me. They give my time spent online a lot of memeing. And I feel it would be meme-spirited of me to keep them to myself. I don’t meme to be forward, but I’d like you to see these memes too. Because sharing memes is the memeing of life itself.

Check out these 14 high quality memes and you’ll see what I meme.

14. Be chairful

Sit down and think about what you’ve done.

13. Analogue dank

His friends look so pissed because they’ve already seen ’em.

12. Coffee and contemplation

Some days, you stuff the fox. Other days, the fox stuffs you.

11. Wishy washy

How does a felt face convey so much emotion at once?

10. Living dangerously

He’s daring gravity to do something.

9. Food baby

Don’t care, I’m still the queen.

8. Empty stomach

Things are about to get wild.

7. Hobby habits

I tried for 10 whole minutes, this is clearly rigged.

6. Low expectations

Started from the bottom now we’re here; still at the bottom but feeling smug about it.

5. Urban beauty

The city that never sleeps because of that damn clanking noise.

4. Flying solo

I’d like to think that the cat made this meme.

3. Pick-me-up

To be fair, no longer having to go through the entire process of grocery shopping is legitimately lit.

2. Let it go

“Anyone have anything to add?”
“Um, no, not really. I would just say that…”

1. Spread thin

If I don’t get moving soon it’s gonna be curtains for me.

I hope you treasure those as much as I did, because they meme a lot to me. And so do you.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

Tell us in the comments.