There are creeps everywhere, but it seems to be true that having a keyboard between them and the person their harassing brings even more of them out of the woodwork.

It takes more courage to be a creep on the street – not that many don’t seem to have it in spades – than to say something so, so wrong online.

Luckily, it’s also easier to craft the perfect comeback when you have a bit of time – and a keyboard of your own at your disposal.

And these 14 people put both to the greatest possible use.

14. Well look at that and I even know how to work it thanks.

Ice cold.
byu/knoerifast13 increepyPMs

13. You’d think the first insult would have worked but he just came back for more.

I’ve noticed guys don’t care when you get angry about random dick pics, so I’ve decided to take a different approach…
by increepyPMs

12. I thought turnabout was fair play? No?

Why didn’t he want to see my 12inch long, strong, handy tool?
byu/monathemantis increepyPMs

11. Well that wasn’t a very sympathetic response.

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10. Just go ahead and keep some images like this on standby. It will save time.

How I deal with creeps
byu/Diesel_Liesel increepyPMs

9. Playing dumb has its advantages.

But then again, Subway has its own little charm.
byu/NewMayorLuigi0G increepyPMs

8. I can’t believe he was still clarifying it was a no. Jeez Louise.

I’m dad
byu/pseudo_potatoes increepyPMs

7. I just spit out my coffee. Brilliant.

free advertising for febreeze at least?
byu/CapnMadski increepyPMs

6. You asked, she answered!

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5. Don’t you want to give the lady what she wants?

[deleted by user]
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4. Per. Fec. Tion. I aspire to be this savage.

This is how I handle a creepy PM
byu/neva-electra increepyPMs

3. Lowering the boom, no regrets no beating around the bush.

[deleted by user]
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2. Short and sweet will bring out the true nature every time.

Fyck you and everyone that may resemble you
byu/MajaLamb increepyPMs

1. He really tried to use his dog’s death? Double NOPE.

This happened about a year ago but I’m still wondering what he was thinking with this opening
byu/snakemistake increepyPMs

I can only hope to be so eloquent and quick-witted the next time it happens to me (because sadly, it will).

Are you good at comebacks? Do you need time to come up with the perfect one?

Let us know where you rank these 14 in the comments!