It can be so hard to tell whether or not someone is into you or not that they wrote a whole book about it, and then turned that book into a movie.

And while there is no hard and fast way to tell 100% of the time (because humans are different!) these 14 Redditors think they have a few ideas.

14. I guess we know she’s into you now.

Really with some people you CANNOT tell.

I knew a girl who was super friendly with me, I got interested, and then a few weeks around her I saw this was how she treated EVERY guy. Smiles, “oh stop it you!”, flirting… I wasn’t special here. I moved on.

I knew a girl who friendly with everyone. We sat down at a birthday party and talked non-stop for three hours. She was friendly with people, but I hadn’t seen her do this before. I got her number and called her, we talked until my phone died.

Our tenth wedding anniversary was about six weeks ago. Our oldest kid turns 7 in a few months.

13. That guy does not deserve romance.

For me, I flat out told him that I liked him and if he asked me out I would say yes.

He said ‘thanks’ and never asked me out or responded in anyway that he liked me back. Bummer.

A few months later we kissed. He was like “so, you like me?” I should have smacked him upside the head.

Apparently he thought I just said that to him to be nice.

12. Just ask them.

There was a waitress at a bar that my buddies and I had for like a year. I was into her, but couldn’t tell how she felt. She was always fun and flirty, but I realized when she would first walk up to our table, laugh or make a joke she would look at me.

I assumed that meant there was at least a chance she liked me, So I asked her out and she said yes. She was beautiful, had a great figure and was super down to earth.

She also turned out to be someone who loudly cheered at high points of movies and I just don’t need that in my life. We went our separate ways.

11. A very special kind of friendly.

If they ask you to take off your clothes, chances are they’re just being friendly

10. It really is that simple.

Assume attraction and ask them out. If they say no, you get your answer.

If they say yes, you get a date.

9. Everyone has jokes.

When I met my last girlfriend our eyes met across a crowded dance floor.

She rolled her eyes at me,so I picked them up and rolled them back.

8. Well that’s one way to be sure.

Oh that’s easy, no one is ever attracted to me

7. A modern love story where’s the book deal?

By reading someone’s comment on Reddit about how they missed all the signs and then you realize that the same thing happened to you and now you lie there contemplating your life.

6. Some people are just bad at signals.

It’s not always easy!

With my fiancee, when we started hanging out I would convince myself she liked me and then talk myself out of it; I would walk her home and she’d give me a really awkward “friend hug” then run inside, leaving me feeling like I’d misread the signals completely. This went on for about three weeks before we finally kissed at a party – I asked her about it afterwards and it turns out she was doing the same thing!

7 years and a proposal later, I think she might have a crush on me, guys!

5. This holds true through the decades.

If they’re a cashier / waiter / clerk etc, don’t get your hopes up.

4. That’s how they get you.

I love how like no one in this thread knows….. I came here to help me identify clues… Damnit reddit.. lol

3. So if you want to know, you know what to do.

Pro tip, you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

2. There’s always the chance they could just be Canadian.

Well…. you can’t ever really know, like even if she sleeps with you, she might just be Canadian.

So, honestly, you shouldn’t get your hopes up and you better keep looking and wondering

1. But she can be, for enough cash.

No, the stripper is not attracted to you.

These are cracking me up, but honestly, one thing could work just as well as the next.

If you’ve got any sage advice for the singles in the room, share it in the comments!