The first time you get down to business is eye-opening in a lot of ways.

You’re (usually) young, inexperienced, and maybe even a little bit frightened about what’s going down.

And there are also the surprises to think about…oh, those surprises…

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say what surprised them about their first time.

1. No longer silent.

“For me a female, I was surprised by how my vocal sounds came out.

I’d been a silent masturbator. And the funny part is my vocalizations during sex actually changed after that first time, and I’ve never made the same sounds again.”

2. Kills the momentum.

“How hard it was to keep your erection when you have to run upstairs and find a condom and then try to put it on really fast.”

3. What’s the big deal?

“How people would throw away their lives for that. I still don’t know why they would.

But like why cheat on your spouse, lose your license and have to change careers, or just spend all your time occupied with obtaining it?”

4. At the core.

“That my core isn’t as strong as I thought it was.

I call that “the sex muscles” because you’re using an entire new group of muscles.”

5. Good job!

“Given all the joking about premature ejaculation, I was surprised with how long I lasted.”

6. This is tough!

“How difficult it was to climax in the presence of another person.

I’d had almost a decade of practice only doing it when alone.”

7. Hard work.

“Holy sh*t!

If I’m going to do more of this, I need to get in shape. “

8. No changes.

“How my life was exactly the same.

I still cringe when I think back to 16 year old me. Girl I had a crush on lost her virginity to a friend at a party. I wasn’t there, and knowing that I had a crush on her, everyone was careful to keep that information away from me.

When I found out I took it personally, noticed a bunch of not-so-nice stuff about her personality, and blamed it (to her face) on how she’d changed after losing her virginity.

I lost mine a few years later. Nothing changed for me at all. I looked back and realised nothing had changed for her either. All that happened was my own jealousy forced my rose-tinted glasses away, and my crush was just a fickle infatuation that had little to do with who she was as a person.

To this day nearly 15 years later, it’s still something I think about and feel embarrassed over. Usually late at night when I’m trying to sleep.”

9. Sir Charles said it best.

“I was like damn, that is actually a lot of work.

It made me understand Charles Barkley’s quote when talking about NBA teams playing three nights in a row– “I wouldn’t even want to have sex three nights in a row”.”

10. Animal instincts.

“For me, I think it was how natural it was.

Like animal instincts kick in and your pelvis starts moving in whole new ways.”

11. Well, there you go.

“That penetration can feel good.

When I experimented with my fingers or toys previous to having sex, it wasn’t painful, but I didn’t get any enjoyment out of it. After being penetrated with a real penis, I discovered it was actually very pleasurable.”

12. Didn’t happen like that.

“I thought that when he came, it would come shooting out like a fire hose or something.

His pace quickened, then his whole body tensed up, I braced myself for impact, but nothing like that happened.”

13. A big ego boost.

“My first time was somewhat late in life. I was 24. She was aware I was a virgin and I guess I’d have to describe it as her “guiding” me.

My surprise was how great it was and how big of an ego boost it was. I’d watched porn but didn’t expect it to be like that so I didn’t really have any misconceptions. We just clicked really well and everything went smoothly. I got a boost in confidence and it felt like a relief in a way.

For me, I had waited to be with the right woman. I had opportunities with women in the past but knew they wouldn’t work long term – Not religious or anything. Just knew what I wanted.

She and I are married now, almost ten years, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

14. A disappointment.

“How shallow people can be.

It was with one of my closest friends at the time and they never spoke to me again.”

How about you?

What surprised you when you first did the dirty deed?

If you’re comfortable, please tell us about it in the comments!