When you find the right person for you, you just know. That holds true even if the other person texts you random, too-much-information texts or they never, ever put a new roll of toilet paper on when they use the last of it.

But seriously, people are monsters and you never know in what way until you’re living together.

These 14 people might have found out too late, but hey – at least they’re hooked up with someone funny.

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14. I mean you didn’t have to agree.

But she laughed so I suppose all is well.

13. When it’s a match made in heaven.

That’s how you know it’s love.

12. Boom, don’t look back, either.

He used the wrong “you’re.”

11. Sometimes you just need chocolate.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your favorite or it belonged to someone else, okay?

10. This is just not going to work out.

Truly, I’m sorry. I guess.

9. That’s how you get injured.

And no one has time to take care of you, I can tell you that.

8. Someone doesn’t seem to feel like celebrating.

You’d better still get her a gift though, just sayin.

7. All of it. None of it?

At least you’re getting a free dinner out of it.

6. I believe I have said this exact thing.

And my husband also laughed like I was making a joke.

5. I hope they’re teasing or this is just sad.

Pizza for 1.

4. That sounds like a country song.

Not a good one, though.


3. Ditch this man ASAP.

Or just continue talking all of the time until he ditches you.

2. This is terrible but I cannot stop laughing.

In the immortal words of David Puddy, “this is why you’re going to hell.”

1. Just wait for it every night for the rest of your life.

This woman knows how to make someone sweat and I am here for it.

I can’t decide which of these is my favorite, can you?

Tell me what your favorite text exchange has been with your significant other, too, because I want more.