Spelling is hard, but in an age where Google and spellcheck are easily accessible pretty much all the time, making errors is less forgivable than ever.

That said, these 14 people didn’t use those things, because they were pretty sure they knew how to spell the thing.

Spoiler alert: they did not.

14. This is just startling, lol.

13. I’m sure somebody somewhere actually has cloister phobia.

12. It it will help me focus, I’ll pay more than $95.

11. Is that a vegan option?

10. Is that your favorite letter?

9. Do you think he knows something we don’t?

8. Sometimes you just have to own up to it.

7. Uhhhhhh I don’t think that’s a selling point.

6. I think you’re going to have to be more direct.

5. Straight up painful to read.

4. Does it look like Bob? Did it belong to Bob? I have questions.

3. No Reddit posts between friends.

2. When your friends are too nice to make fun of you.

1. Accidental perfection is still perfection.

Some of these are just downright hilarious, but mostly because they didn’t happen to me.

Did you have a moment like this when you were totally confident in your spelling but you were totally wrong? We’d love to hear your embarrassing story in the comments!