Everyone makes mistakes now and then, a fact that the majority of employers in the world not only understands, but expects.

That said, these 14 people really went out of their way to make the kind of errors that left managers shaking their heads, and probably reaching for their stack of new applicants.

Please enjoy the photographic evidence.

14. I didn’t watch the last several seasons but this doesn’t look right.

13. Oh, bother.

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12. It’s DIY.

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11. Well that’s confusing.

Never? NEVER??? from facepalm

10. Oh man it’s so awful, too.

Guess it was a long day at work from onejob

9. How is that even a seat?

The view is 10/10 from onejob

8. Placement is everything.

Nice from onejob

7. Definitely fired.

6. Literally anywhere else.

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5. He definitely did that on purpose.

4. Sometimes your brain just can’t spit out the right word.

Isnt that just a triangle? from onejob

3. Pretty sure Newman delivered this.

Postman gives a zero f*cks from onejob

2. That’s not a bee.

That’s a wasp from CrappyDesign

1. Someone’s out to ruin some childhoods.

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I’ve done some wrong things in my life, but until now (knock on wood) have never been fired.

Have you been fired? Was it because you did something dumb?

Fess up in the comments!