Ah, Facebook. The place where you’re forced to endure the endless opinions of relatives you used to think were cool, but now have to face on holidays and pretend you still have respect for them.

It can be tempting to rant into the ether, even if we know that we’re not going to change anyone’s opinion, and there are plenty of times (like, most of them) that we wish later we hadn’t done that.

And I’m pretty sure these 14 people were feeling that, big time.

14. I sure hope someone did!

Lady posts on Facebook to complain about employees not helping disabled customer while simultaneously not helping, either.
byu/Whodatboi69 infacepalm

13. Some people are just literal.

Facepalmed on Facebook
by infacepalm

12. That was a joke. I think.

Don’t post jokes on Facebook
by infacepalm

11. That’s one way to handle them.

Might as well go along with the crazy
by ininsanepeoplefacebook

10. I can’t be the only one who’s confused.

Chick on Facebook shares an article that’s pro-abortion, isn’t aware cuz she didn’t read
byu/YahBoyy infacepalm

9. Yes this seems quite likely.

I’m I related to my ancestors.
byu/big_boi_leticia infacepalm

8. What am I missing?

Facebook user forgets herself
byu/ItalianGreyhounds infacepalm

7. Ooooh, sick burn.

Well, nice to know what you like to do in your spare time
byu/snippsville infacepalm

6. Yes please do up your game.

Credit to u/Ri1020
byu/TheirMadeOfMeat infacepalm

5. That’s not how any of this works.

This may have been the dumbest thing I have ever read.
byu/Mjhudson65 indumbasspeoplefacebook

4. Calling someone a potato seems like the best insult ever.

Facebook making memes unintentionally
byu/dickfromaccounting infacepalm

3. Yeah, that’s not a thing.

byu/NYxMadridista ininsanepeoplefacebook

2. That offer was quickly rescinded.

These Facebook groups though
by infacepalm

1. No one feels sorry for you.

Some idiot from my facebook.
byu/wombats88 infacepalm

I’m going to keep this post handy for the next time I’m thinking about going off!

Have you ever had major regrets after letting loose on Facebook?

Tell us what happened in the comments!