There are certainly days when reading stories about children around the world could give you pause in all the wrong ways, but I would say that there are even more posts that give me hope that the future may not be as bleak as we feared.

And these 14 kids definitely make me look forward to all of the tomorrows to come.

14. He loves what he loves, no apologies.

Image Credit: Twitter

13. She’s an inspiration to grown women everywhere.

12. Bahaha if only.

11. This seems like a pretty fair foundation.

10. That’s how I look at potatoes, too!

9. Looks can be deceiving.

8. It’s hard to be mad at such brilliance.

7. That’s a future artist right there.

6. The best part of this picture is how no one else is paying her any mind.

5. If a 3yo understands tipping, you would think more adults would, too.

4. This is so pure and good.

Image Credit: Twitter

3. This is how it shall be forever.

2. The mind of a child is one of the best and most curious things.

1. Honestly we need more reporting like this.

Kids really are amazing – or at least, they have the capacity to be, given the right circumstances!

I hope these posts have made your funny bone tingle a bit.

Let us know your faves in the comments!