Some of the most successful tweets and other bits of internet got that way simply because they express something we’re all delighted to realize that other people experience too. “Thank God,” we think, “I’m not the only one.” Then we share it with everyone we know, and they share it, similarly relieved, and a new liberation for some tiny experience is begun.

Which is all kind of a high-minded way of saying observational comedy is funny.

Here are 14 observations that are simply too relatable to ignore.

14. King of the hill

Deception: 100

13. Impostor syndrome


12. Lit-erary devices

I don’t know what’s ironic anymore.

11. Highway hypnosis

It’s kind of a wonder most of us are still alive.

10. You only get one shot

Do not miss your chance to blow.

9. Hashafrashbrowns

Power through the pain.

8. Restart the clock

Op, missed my chance.

7. Melodic amnesia

I can literally only think of Happy Birthday.

6. Courtesy calls

What kind of psychopath ever turns their ringer on?

5. Raise your hand

OK so, author’s note here, I do this all the time and legitimately though I was alone till now.

4. Professional procrastinator

There’s always tomorrow.

3. Bathroom etiquette

How dare someone do the thing I might also someday do.

2. Secret shame

They say there’s no such thing as a dumb question. They lie.

1. Completely unnecessary

We need to just get rid of this word.

How many of those felt like they hit too close to home? For me it was a solid 14 out of 14. I think that means I win?

What’s something weirdly relatable that you’ve noticed?

Tell us in the comments.