There are peculiar things about every generation – things that fall by the wayside and disappear within a decade, leaving a vivid imprint in the minds of a few, but are easily forgotten by everyone else.

They can be funny, or horrifying, or embarrassing, but whenever you find another person who remembers the same weird thing you do, you know for sure that you’ve found one of your tribe.

And if any or all of these images bring you back to your youth, well, you’re probably a millennial.

14. Slime has always been a thing.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

13. Forgotten television.

12. I feel like this might have been a bit racist?

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

11. The Six Flags dancing man.

Image Credit: Six Flags

10. That someone thought this would be a good logo to put in front of cartoons.

Image Credit: Dic

9. Why did we think we needed so many posters?

Image Credit: Poster Plus

8. These O.G. emojis.

7. When every soda was a potential free soda.

Soda caps that told you immediately if you won or not
byu/Breakingbay innostalgia

6. Your trains and cars ran right on your rug.

5. Just this picture gives me a bit of anxiety.

4. It was honestly kind of hard not to taste them?

I can still smell the cherries.
by innostalgia

3. What were these? Why did we need them?

Image Credit: Pinterest

2. A nice idea, if you hated your fingers.

Image Credit: Duracell

1. I wanted all of these so bad.

Image Credit: eBay

I’m a GenX-Xennial and remember some (but not all of these).

Which of these really sparked your nostalgia for the 90s?

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