“How hard can it be?” is such an obvious precursor to failure that it’s now a writing cliche.

It turns out, things that seem simple can be very difficult for the uninitiated. Things like, say, baking/cooking, which a lot of us are just now getting around to trying, and the results are pretty funny.

Here are 14 people from around the web who had the courage to share their kitchen disasters with all of us.

14. Taste the rainbow?

Is this what leprechauns do?

13. Kill…me…

I think it’s a bunny. Is it? Oh good lord… what have you done?!

12. The asphalt chunks are smelling great

Just like mom used to hate!


11. Were you making a volcano?

Well, you succeeded! Good job!

A bit too much of baking soda
by infunny

10. The carrot…it haunts me…

I don’t know how to feel, but I currently feel awul.


9. Pug does a shrug

You know you’re doing something wrong when dogs won’t eat your cooking.

8. This is a ghost

Why? And how? And when? And how COULD YOU?!?

7. At least you tried

But wait.. that’s a cake?!


6. Ah yes, the salty dough blobs are in season

5. It looks great-ish

Banana-ish? So like… plantain bread?

4. Time for that machine to retire

Throw it away. Don’t buy another one. You are no longer allowed.

3. At least you’ve got plenty of charcoal

Can you get me the recipe? Because I want to not do this!

2. The cookies are joining forces

This is like the Voltron of cookies!

1. Quick question: why?

You’re a god d*mned monster!

It’s important to be reminded now and then that these kind of skills take time to develop. It helps us appreciate the people who can do them well.

What’s your biggest baking fail?

Tell us in the comments.