Do you go to therapy? It’s actually pretty essential for most folks. Especially if you think about it like exercise for your mind, spirit, and perspective.

Sure, we can ask our friends what they would do in a given situation, but sometimes it’s best to ask a person who has absolute no stake in the matter. Basically, it can be fantastic to ask somebody who doesn’t mind if your feelings get hurt. Because oftentimes, a little “real talk” is what we need.

Today we present 14 people who had some genuine breakthroughs in therapy that helped change their outlook. So, naturally, they shared on Twitter. Because that’s what we all do now.

It’s kind of like group therapy, right?

Wrong person. Right time.

Someone pls pass tissues. Currently dead.

Just because it’s unknown, doesn’t mean it’s bad

If not you, then who?

With a capital T!

Making way for your better half…

Sometimes you just have to let it go

How much do you love yourself?

Isn’t it always that way, tho?

Time is precious after all…

Friends and “Friends”

The only constant is change!

Renew yourself, fam!

And always check yourself…

I have that same problem about being direct and not caring who it hurts, so that one really hit home.

Great advice Lula! Thank your therapist for me! ???