Not that I will ever advocate scrolling through the internet on the company’s dime, but if you find yourself doing it anyway (you are HERE… doing that), these 14 Tumblr posts will at least make you feel like you’re doing something constructive with your life.

If that something is laughing at everyday brilliance, that is.

Don’t sweat the small stuff folks. Sweat these posts. And laugh at these posts.

Let’s go!

14. That’s a lot of shrieking.

13. Noooo not a world where you don’t know your dog!

12. At least it’s amusing someone.

byu/GGCrono intumblr

11. Someone didn’t watch Game of Thrones all the way through. (Yes, I’m jealous).

10. Pun of the day.

9. You’re not listening, KAREN.

8. It was clearly me.

7. Not like Black Mirror at all.

6. Resume.

5. I fail to see the problem.

i have several questions as well
byu/heanthony16 intumblr

4. It’s never a bad time for the Spongebob song.

3. Just as long as you get your work done.

2. Basically make me not old mmmkay?

1. Thank goodness for both!

Now, get back to work! There’s so much to do, right? That took probably AT LEAST fourteen minutes.

No? Not much to do? Well, you could read the post again. There’s surely something you missed.

Or you can poke around our site and check out some more great lists. Up to you.

OH! You can also tell us which of these Tumblr posts really made you laugh! That would be fun, right?

Do that in the comments and let’s laugh together!