Are you ready for some rapid fire tweets from the ladies that are sure to make you laugh out loud?

Good! Because that’s what we’re here for. There’s literally nothing else we need to be doing right now. Just reading tweets and laughing… preferably out loud.

Let’s get to these 14 nuggets of gold!

1. This bish…

2. You’re f*cking your…?!

3. No. NOOOOOOO!!!!! no

4. The logic is sound.

5. Fancy outside, same insides…

6. My life… every… single… day.

7. Who made these rules?!

8. Oh boy… so true.

9. Yep. Checks out.

10. Puddle love


12. Is it though?

13. Wait… what?!

14. Get me out of here!

See, we told you. Lots of laughing. Some of it out loud. Hopefully MOST of it out loud.

What were your faves? Let us know in the comments!