It seems like every generation of kids grows up romanticizing one that came before as “better” or somehow more worthy of making childhood memories. Of course, there’s nothing to make a person feel old like kids today thinking back on your generation as one “long past.”

It turns out I grew up in the good old days, and I’m not sure how I feel about that, to be honest.

Here are 14 kids who totally wish they’d grown up in the 90s.

14. The 80s were nice, too. Just sayin.

13. You associate with people in their 30s?

12. It’s the new 1970s.

11. All I can think of is Britney and *NSync right now.

10. I mean, who am I to argue?

9. Gen Z is getting no love.

8. Getting specific there – don’t want to be TOO old.

7. We actually had to see other people, though, so there’s that.

6. Please explain we need good reasons to take you in.

5. Oldies? Should I just go ahead and move to Florida now?

4. We had our fair share of weirdos.

3. Well I mean that is true.

2. Also true. No arguments.

1. Shoutout to the 80s babies!

It was a simpler time. There’s no denying that!

If you could choose when you grew up, what would you pick?

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