Most of us have worked in some kind of office at one time or another and guys, it’s no joke. There are stupid meetings, rules about space heaters even though they keep the air conditioner on all winter, and bosses who get promoted even though you have no idea why.

Which is all to say, if that’s your current situation, you probably need a laugh.

We’ve got you covered.

14. What would we do without exclamation points?

13. It’s easier to say something kind of nice in writing.

12. You have to find little ways to entertain yourself.

11. Always look annoyed, like George Costanza says.

10. Now that’s the kind of program I can get behind.

9. Everyone is trying to be “good.” JUST EAT A DONUT.

8. It’s a sad state of affairs.

7. You’re not the boss of me outside of that cubicle, sir.

6. No one is exempt from the dreaded Reply All.

5. Passing the time is a powerful lure.

4. It requires a lot of practice.

3. That smile, though. OMG.

2. What was I saying? Nothing. Nothing at all.

1. Said no one ever.

And a bonus:

I love it! Not enough to go back to working in an office, but you know.

What are your favorite office jokes? Share with us below!