Today we’re gonna have a celebration of love. The romantic kind of love. The partnership kind of love. The “I’m annoying the hell out of my friends because I won’t stop talking about this person” kind of love. And we’re going to celebrate it the only way anything should be celebrated – with memes.

Here are fourteen wholesome relationship memes you can send to your significant other and bug them with affection.

14. Pure admiration

I don’t know the actual context of this photo and I don’t want to.

13. Window shopping

Sometimes ya just gotta put in a little cheer.

12. All of the sudden

It’s like waking up when you didn’t realize you were sleeping.

11. Code names

First of all, I’m baby, so write that down.

10. So many positions

No matter the arrangement, I will always come around.

9. Let it flow

“I’m sorry, I simply have to do this.”

8. He chomp

Look at both of those faces. They know exactly what they’re doing.

7. That smile

I’d like to think this kid is always watching over me, somehow.

6. Fortune teller

Nobody needs to write it down for me.

5. Sweet dreams

This is truly a powerful blanket statement.

4. Melt into me

These bears might just care a little TOO much.

3. Wish on a fish

I swear I won’t just hop from place to place.

2. Unconscious love

I don’t know what this human instinct is but it’s pretty wonderful.

1. Too good to be true?

Don’t let the bad vibes take over, now.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get to sending these to your special somebody. Make ’em smile.

If you could craft the perfect meme for your partner, what would it be?

Tell us in the comments.