I don’t know about you, but sometimes life can be kind of cr*ppy. People can be cr*ppy, work can be cr*ppy… and then I find something so damn wholesome and pure that I just can’t help but smile.

These 14 tweets should give you ALL the feels and make you remember what is good and right with the world.

Or… they’ll at least make you smile

1. We. Are. All. Born. Good. And. Pure.

2. “Pfft… I can do four things in like an hour.”

3. Not gonna lie… I LOVE MANGO!

4. Congrats!


5. Priorities…

6. He made a new FRIEND!

7. The cutest!

8. OMFG Mookie! How you so wholesome?!?


9. Dads gotta dad!


10. Cozy, beautiful Waffle Home…


11. Well, that’s KIND OF wholesome…

12. Ahhh… blood pressure returning to normal levels…

13. Howdy neighbor!

14. OMG! The cutest!

So, did you get the warm fuzzies? Hope so! Because those are the best!

Share your most wholesome moments in the comments! It’ll make you and everybody around you feel SO much better!