Thanksgiving is here, but people on Twitter didn’t wait for the big day to pull out their best observations and jokes.

Yeah, these 14 funnies will definitely get you in the mood and feed your soul!

Let’s go!

14. God don’t like ugly.

13. Pure poetry, isn’t it?

12. Ooooh passive aggressive much?

11. And he’s probably only three.

10. There really isn’t room for both of us.

9. On the bright side, you can only go up from there.

8. This is so wrong and also I want to do it.

7. *sets Tweet down gently*

6. It’s 1975 somewhere, I guess.

5. One day to rule them all.

4. Only I’m guessing not nearly as cute.

3. TikTok or it didn’t happen.

2. Why doesn’t my fam have mac & cheese on Thanksgiving.

1. This is the answer to every question about why you’re still single.

Do you love Thanksgiving? I definitely love the food and family (and I guess the football isn’t bad, either).

What’s your favorite part? Share with us below!