Nothing makes your day better than getting to experience the loving bond you have with your pet. Whether you’re just coming home from a long day at work, or you never left, but now it’s snuggle time, having a cute animal companion around just makes everything undeniably sweeter and easier.

But whether you’re a pet owner or not, you can surely appreciate some cute pet posts. So buckle in for your daily dose of adorable with these 15 warm’n’fuzzy animal memes!

15. Innocent boi

My dog ate my work work.

14. Sophisti-cats

They seem to understand this better than some people.

13. It’s a’me!

Who made this? I need to commission an installment.

12. Mr. Fahrenheit

Who did it better?

11. Lost and found

Check out that smug look on his face.

10. Rocket?

She’s going to love you. We all love you.

9. Look ma, no hands!

Birds hopping in the snow is the purest thing on earth.

8. The dude abides

It’s gotta be in there somewhere.

7. Fly, Falcor!

Am dragon. Much story. Very flying.

6. Passed out

Good thing you’ve got some lives left to live.

5. System overload

To err is hooman.

4. Round table discussion

It’s bothering me so much that there’s clearly one bird who didn’t show up.

3. Salute your shorts

You no need pants. You stay.

2. Portrait of perfection

Cat memes used to be way more expensive.

1. Workaround

Eh, I didn’t need to do all that anyway.

Here’s to our fine furry/feathered/scaled friends. May they someday find us half as cute as we find them.

What’s your pet like?

Tell us in the comments.