You know what time it is: it’s time to get into costume, stock the house with candy, get the kids all dressed up, and head out to trick or treat and go to various parties. In other words, it’s Halloween!

So before you head out to enjoy all the festivities, take some time to read these funny tweets!


1. That spider sure is blown away.

2. That is cool.

3. Now he’s a member of the family.

4. Clearly that’s Sloth.

5. Think it’s gonna work out?

6. I was actually thinking of doing it, too…

7. Either one works.

8. One of the many reasons it’s great.

9. Whoa! That’s awesome!

10. Go for it!

11. Hey o!

12. I knew that would be dead last.

13. That’s how I live my life.

14. Sounds like a great costume.

15. This tweet really nails it.

Have a great Halloween and share some photos from your evening in the comments below!