As the world goes into lockdown mode, we need to look through the doom and gloom as much as possible so we can at least have a little break from the bad news once in a while.

Thank God for funny tweets, right?!?!

So, in the midst of all this darkness, here are some funny tweets about the coronavirus and our self-quarantine to get you a little temporary relief.

1. Think about that…

2. They deserve at least that much.

3. This house is starting to smell funky.

4. Killing time gets pretty old.

5. Get them involved.

6. Gettin’ loose.

7. That’s all you need.

8. A one-man show.

9. She’s not hearing that.

10. I wish I lived with this guy.

11. That’s right!

12. It’s gonna be glorious!

13. Don’t want to admit it yet…

14. The greatest game ever invented.

15. All of the emotions.

If you don’t laugh, you’re gonna cry…so all of us might as well laugh a little!

How are you dealing with the coronavirus?

Are you all holed up in your house under quarantine?

Talk to us in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!