A long time ago, in another universe entirely, twitter.com was a place where you’d tell your friends what books you were reading and where you went for lunch. Now it’s a place to scream at each other about politics and vent our existential dread in funny little quips.

Let’s celebrate that shift with a few selections from Diply’s excellent round-up of great snippets from the ladies of twitter.

1. But water’s included, so that’s cool

2. For just the price of a cup of coffee, you can have coffee

3. We can also multitask

4. Here’s a sentence you never thought you’d read


5. “Ma’am, you’re holding up the line.”

6. Ya’ll both need to get away from each other

7. I too suffer from resting honest face


8. What’ll it be tonight?


9. Also there’s a delay so you live here now

10. The robots haven’t quite figured us out

11. It’s pretty easy to tell which one I am

12. This should be a felony

13. Clothes weren’t meant to touch us

14. You’ve earned it


15. Just go home at that point

Who are your go to’s for funny women on Twitter?

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