Once you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you know that things can sometimes get a little…stale.

That’s why it’s important to spice it up and keep your partner on their toes once in a while!

These 15 fellas are certainly winning in that category. Let’s take a look.

1. No, the bed’s not for you.

Husband said he was going to make a bed frame. I thought it was for our new mattress…. It was for the cat.
byu/julcarls inaww

2. Photobombed!

Decided to photobomb my wife during our wedding photoshoot last month.
byu/Thatguy9211 inpics

3. All kinds of debauchery.

Girlfriend left me and the dog home alone for the weekend. First thing I sent her.
byu/eric72goblue infunny

4. It is a masterpiece.

My aunt had been complaining they hadn’t been “festive” enough. I present to you my uncle’s masterpiece.
byu/OpticDream infunny

5. He’s doing just fine.

He finally fell asleep when my wife asked for a picture and i wanted to let her know what hes been like until then
by infunny

6. Close enough.

When you have candles, but not the “right” ones for your wife’s 39th birthday.
byu/Kwantumflux inpics


My boyfriend decided to take my dog to the beach today for some “quality” time together
byu/AlexandraTheGr347 inpics



Spent 10 minutes snapping pics of my wife so she could have ‘the perfect sexy Instagram photo.’ When she was finally happy I asked her to return the favour. We got this beauty in one take.
byu/pimack infunny

10. You nailed it.

My wife told me to get dressed up for professional Xmas photos… Think I nailed it.
byu/Darzin infunny

11. We’ve all been there.

Target Husband
byu/ninnuh infunny

12. I hear the secrets that you keep…

Girlfriend sleep-talks a lot. I write down the best ones when I can.
by infunny

13. Oh, really?

My girlfriend says that I own too many video games. I sent her this.
byu/xl3rockhaus infunny

14. We Still Do…It.

My wife put “We Still Do. 13 Years” on this letterboard. I added a word when she wasn’t looking. She is posting this version to Facebook as I type this without realizing the change. Wish me luck.
byu/PM_ME_WITH_A_SMILE infunny

15. On the loose!

Friend’s husband played a prank on her..
byu/lil_gingerale infunny

What does the guy in your life do to keep things interesting for you? Or does he not do ANYTHING like this?

Either way, share with us in the comments!