I’ve checked with my financial planner and I’m becoming more and more convinced that we’re getting very close to a future where memes are used as currency. That being the case, you’re going to want to stock up on some higher value memes now; to do otherwise would just be irresponsible.

Lucky for you, I’ve got some right here. Have a look, take your pick. Stick ’em in your savings account.

15. I’m baby

14. It’s an extended episode

13. More like lies potato chips

12. The no-explode code

11. Loneliness kills

10. A little goes a long way

9. Things took a turn for the worse

8. I think you’re muted

7. Fly, you fools

6. It’s…dense

5. We all need a cause

4. Take that, you filthy casual

3. Back away slowly

2. Coming out of my shell

1. Isolators, unite!

Now all you’ve got to do is wait for memes to replace money and you’ll be a gazillionare. Honestly at the rate we’re going, should be any day now, because I don’t think we’re going to get anymore help from the government. Wouldn’t that be amazing if we could just collect memes and THAT actually was currency. Oh, one can dream…

What meme do you think is the most valuable?

Tell us in the comments.