They were the best of tweets, they were the worst of tweets…

Naw, they were just the best of tweets. Because why would we go find the worst of tweets? That’s like 99% of Twitter! You can go do that yourself any day of the week. No reason for you to come here to find those.

So yeah, we found a lot of good ones. And it’s time to laugh, fam! Let’s go!

1. That was a good day!

2. Never ever ever

3. OMG. You’re right.

4. Can confirm. Am guy.

5. But Twitter…

6. WTF is going on?!?

7. Yep. Same.

8. That is precious!

9. Oh damn!

10. You do you numbers!

11. Those demons are fam!

12. Home sweet sheets

13. Do the math… I’m always alone

14. Well, that job certainly didn’t suck!

15. Nawww… that life SUCKED

Alright fam, so did you get down with all that sickness? Feeling like you want to share your own moments in the comments?

Then do it! We’re waiting!!