Tough start to your week? Look at the bright side. It’s only days until Friday! Just ignore all the work piling up and scroll through these seriously funny memes. The worst that can happen is you’ll randomly laugh out loud thinking of them as you walk down the hall to your boss’ office for the update you don’t have on that project that’s falling apart.

1. Sweet, sweet timing.

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2. I’ve seen this movie before.

3. The kids do not abide.

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4. For IG.

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5. Checks out.

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6. Flipper may fail.

7. He doesn’t feel a draft?

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8. Alien pickle.

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9. Next time.

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10. Oh, Ellen.

11. Alexa, not everything is about you.

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12. Creepy.

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13. Introvert life.

14. Denise.

15. Morning Jack.

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Now that you have a few good laughs in you, fill up that coffee cup and get back to it. Whatsername is waiting for your answer to her question about that thingie you’re supposed to be working on.