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If you go to a gym to exercise regularly, you know about all the regular characters that belong to every workout facility.

There’s the powerlifter who screams and yells as he lifts ridiculous amounts of weight. There’s the overprotective boyfriend who hovers over his girlfriend just in case anyone dares to talk or look at her. And, of course, there’s the guy who just seems to live there. He’s never working out, he’s usually just walking around chatting with people and he’ll occasionally do a jumping jack.

They’re at every gym, which is why these tweets about men at the gym are so hilarious. Take a look.

1. Old guys are always naked at the gym.

2. Yeah, that’s kinda weird.

3. Time for a staredown.

4. That’s not necessary.

5. You should probably work on those chicken legs.

6. There’s a lot of this going around.

7. Pretty disgusting all around.

8. Just knock it off.

9. Does it work, though?

10. I see that tan line.

11. That is totally over the line.

12. Time to leave.

13. No touching, please.

14. Just like a yappy dog.

15. Don’t get in his way.

Are those tweets accurate AF, or what?

Tell us about the funny characters or happenings at your gym. Let’s see who has the strangest and most ridiculous folks at their place!

Do that in the comments!