If you think too hard about the concept of a hotel, you might never stay in one. You’re trusting low-paid strangers to clean the sheets, the carpets, the towels, the bathrooms….I mean, I pretty much expect to come down with something every time I return from out of town.

I just hope that it’s something relatively harmless, and count myself lucky.

Sadly, these 15 people’s stories are only proving my fears to be reality.

15. I never thought to check inside the coffeemaker, but I will now.

And this is why you check the hotel coffeemaker before you use it….
byu/henryriver intrashy

14. No one will notice the real blood if the carpet looks like a smear of blood. Genius!

This carpet in my friend’s hotel.
byu/mshelbym inCrappyDesign

13. Yeah, I’m not getting on that elevator.

Staying at a hotel in Dublin, this made me giggle
byu/c0ffeeman infunny

12. You can’t just empty a vacuum cleaner and call it art, people.

This hotel mural in the breakfast area
byu/ConerTheBarbarian inCrappyDesign

11. This would not make me laugh.

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10. I hope you turned that in to Lost & Found.

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9. This has little effect on my life.

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8. Just look at that view!

I’m beginning to think our hotel in Cambodia was a little dishonest on their flyer about the amenities
byu/puritycontrol infunny

7. Kind of makes you wonder what else was stolen. Or what will be stolen.

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6. Seems legit.

Nothing screams quality hotel room like a hole in the ceiling with a napkin jammed in it.
byu/martynolegs inWTF

5. You mean this electric tea kettle that came with the room?

My Hotel offers a kettle and glasses to use – but has a folder in a drawer with rules. One of them says you have to pay a fine if you use the kettle.
by inassholedesign

4. I feel like someone should have noticed before this got quite so far.

This is what I saw when I checked into my hotel last night.
byu/TheMostLegendary inWTF

3. Is it wrong that I thought “wow, good idea!”?

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2. Someone had to do that on purpose, right?

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1. Everyone’s a comedian.

Both spelling and the actual password for the WiFi at a hotel where a friend is staying
byu/notdanstevens inmildlyinfuriating

Airbnb is the way to go, people! I can at least convince myself that’s true.

Do you trust hotels? Do you always stay in expensive ones, or do you just count on your immune system to back you up?

Share your secrets with us in the comments!