There are some memes and hashtags that have been around for a long time, even though we wish they would go away, but listen. These things persist for a reason, and people using the phrase “I’m this many years old” and “I’m this old” posts just aren’t ever going to get old.

I think it’s because we all like to reminisce about our youth, and if we’re going to remember how old we are, it’s nice to realize that we’re not alone.

So, here are 15 people who are as old as you are – you can tell by the pictures you recognize.

15. If you took it inside with you, no one could steal your stereo.

Is that how it worked, or just how we thought it worked? I honestly don’t know.

14. The day you filled them all up was the pinnacle.

You really loved music then, obviously. Even though on some of the CDs you only listened to one song.

13. Had them all, still at my mom’s house.

And they smelled so stinking good.

12. I’m not quite this old, because I played with a hand-me-down.

But I definitely did play with it.

11. That was definitely a thing.

But no, it wasn’t really cute.

10. I was weirdly obsessed with my mother’s grade book.

It’s just so orderly!!

9. My husband’s work truck literally had one of these last year.

It was like he was time traveling to the 90s every single day.

8. Teachers today wouldn’t even know what to do with this.

Does it go backward? Upside down? Both.

7. The new ones they make are sooo cheap.

The old ones are probably deadly but they were sturdy!

6. I have no idea how this works.

You just click random cells until time passes, right?

5. I went from this to texting in my lifetime.

It’s been quite a ride, y’all.

4. Wooohhoooo I am younger than this?

Is it a tiny vibrator? A flashlight?

3. Toys that didn’t cause pain were a waste of time.

We’re still a little sick in the head.

2. Square pizza day was everything.

Also, you needed the pencil sharpener so you could drop off the notes.

1. Toys are the fastest way to find your tribe.

I have no idea what these things are, for instance.

Hey, I’m old, and honestly, I’ve never been happier. So there’s that.

Also it’s really awesome we don’t have to change actually CDs in our cars anymore.