One of the things that 2020 has slapped every single one of us in the face with is a stark and tragic reminder that racism in America is far, far, FAR from done away with, as much as many of us would like to pretend otherwise. One form of racism that remains bizarrely prevalent is the bigotry against people who date or marry outside their own race. It’s a hate that’s laughably absurd on its face, but nevertheless, it continues, and it does real harm.

Here are a few things that people in interracial relationships had to say about what it’s like.

15. Terrible stares

I mean, that makes sense. It is 1950, after all. Wait, it’s not?!

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14. Broken love

What terrible pressures bigotry puts on people.

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13. Huge change

That’s about as strong of a 180 as as a person can make.

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12. Solidarity

We gotta be in this thing together.

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11. Preferences

Why do some partners require an explanation?

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10. Captain obvious

Maybe that guy just goes around yelling things he notices.

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9. Runaway bride

People can find new empathy when the thing they’re ignorant about gets closer to home.

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8. The ol’ switcheroo

It’s good to know that on the whole, there’s no stopping future generations from being better.

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7. Didn’t notice

I dunno, great?

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6. Extreme hate

“Sad to see some things will never change.”

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5. Trailblazers

I think the same thing when I see older same-sex couples.

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4. Bombshell

There will certainly be some fireworks that night.

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3. Serving looks

Be stronger than the stupid.

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2. Code switching

You’re like each others’ interpreters on life’s big adventure.

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1. One of us

Real recognizes real.

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It’s disheartening to know how much ignorance, hatred, and stupidity still surrounds love, but there is a sense of hope. Hope that little by little this war is gaining ground in the right direction, and that hopefully, in the end, love wins.

Are you/were you in an interracial relationship? What were some of your experiences?

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